This topic will show you how to get the 2 samples that are in source control working as well as it will give you an overview of the samples themselves.

The 2 Samples

There are 2 samples that can be found in source control. They represent a decent first steps for using the API.


You need to have a DropBox Account and in the Developer area you need to create an application so you can get an AppKey and an AppSecret. Keep these handy you'll need them.

Sample # 1 - DropBoxAuthSimple

This is a sample that I am using to test out new features. While it is more of a testing suite the tries a function in a then tries another function in a linear fashion you can learn to use the API by looking at this sample (it gives 0 feedback to the user and is meant to be watched in the debugger more than anything else).

To set this one up simply open up the Settings.cs file and set the AppKey, AppSecret, the User's Email, and the User's Password (these would be the ones for the same account you set up above.. this account is the only account that this application is allowed to access; when you go to production then your app will be available to all users).

Sample #2 - DropBoxTool

This is a fuller app and probably more in line with what you will want to see. I am in progress of turning this into a full dropbox browser for WP7 (The source that is available publicly will be my "trial"/"free" version.. I have a few additional features that will be available in a --cheap-- paid version in the marketplace).

To set this up, simply open up the Model/DropBoxSettings.cs file and set the AppKey, and AppSecret. As stated above, when you log in this must use the same account that you used to set up the app at the DropBox web site.

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