Sometimes you want to bind an image (or some other file) directly to a control or provide a URI to the file. For these cases the SharpDropBoxClient provides a mechanism for generating the URI that would be needed to retrieve that file, so you can pass pass this URI directly to a control. This URI will work only one time because a new signature will be required for every get of the file (so this URI will only work one time).

Before Getting a File's (Private) URI

Before you can get a file you should make sure that you are logged in. Please review the documentation article on Logging in.

Getting a File's (Private) URI

Getting a file is fairly easy, simply call the library like this:
            dbxApp.GetFileURI("My File.txt", (uriString, ex) =>
                if (ex != null)
                      // If there was any error there will be an exception coming back in the "ex" parameter
                   // uriString contains the URI to the file

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