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Project Description
SharpDropBox Client is a DropBox client for (at first) WP7. It caches files/directories in ISO storage, and also uses Sterling DB to metadata info so that it can easily do hash checks against DropBox making it download only when there are changes. It can also be used offline.

Stuff currently working
  • All but "Create Account" methods work
  • Uploads work (I know that should be implied in that last statement, but important enough on its own)
  • Detects no network and only use the cached data (including files cached) -- This needs tested some more

Coding Stuff To Do yet
  • (lowest priority) Get Create Account working
  • Thumbnails should cache to the Isolated File System (not there yet, but have a task to do this)
  • Add Stability while build WP7 (commercial) application

Other Stuff To Do yet
  • Docs(!!)
  • Complete Samples and release

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